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CopeTract - Innovating Trust, Simplifying Contracts

All Contracts In One Platform

No coding required to make customizations. CopeTract
has everything you need.

Save Your TimeDo not pay money to fees
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CopeTract - Make Your Own Smart Contract

Awesome Features

Make Your Own Smart Contract Quickly
and Securely
Block Your Money Without
Any Broker
Make Instant Money
Organize Your
Smart Contracts
Make Smart Contracts
Anywhere Anytime
CopeTract - Make Your Own Smart Contract

What Is CopeTract?

Copetract is a multifunctional smart contract system developed using web3 and blockchain technologies.
In this way, you can make your commercial transactions faster, easier and safer.

  • You can use template smart contracts.
  • You can quickly connect your wallet and make international payments.
  • You can make smart contracts online.
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Better Contract Organization

Your Smart Contracts Security With Blokchain Technology

Smart contracts add an additional level of automation on top of blockchain applications. It provides more complex interactions and applications.

You can create your smart contracts in templates or by uploading your own contracts. After creating your smart contract, you can save it and then view it on the My contracts page. The contracts you create are located on Ethereum's blockchain. That is why contracts become unhackable.

Install the metamask plugin from Google, then create your Metamask account. In this case, it is important to save the information in your Metamask account. Then you can connect to CopeTract's membership page with your wallet account.

During the blocked money transfer, your money is kept completely on the blockchain. Even if any problems are encountered, your money will be securely stored on the blockchain.
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Metamask Extension
User-Friendly Panel

Enhance Your Productivity With Your Own Contract Panel

Thanks to CopeTract, you will be able to save time while making your smart contracts, and you will be able to manage your smart contracts in a more organized way.

  • During the contract approval process, you will be able to see what has changed in the contract.
  • Due to the notifications, you will be able to follow the developments about your contract.
  • You will be able to see the typos.
  • You can able to add new text and files to the template agreements.
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If you want to make an affordable and fast contract, CopeTract is here for you.





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50-100K$ /price

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Money Transfer and Contract Making without Intermediaries
Transaction Without Intermediary
With the smart contracts you can make on CopeTract, you can make transactions without the need for an intermediary (bank, accredited companies, etc.).
Paperless Business Processes
100% Security
Delegation and Power of Attorney
Delegation and Power of Attorney
You can assign your contracts and transactions to the wallet of the person to whom you are giving power of attorney.
Decentralized Control (Blockchain)
Easy Organized Documents
Easy Organized Documents
You can view and edit your contracts and transactions on the My Panel page.
Global and Instant Money Transfer
Blocked Money Transfer
Blocked Money Transfer
In transactions, you can increase security by blocking all or a part of your money on the blockchain without any intermediary institution.
Multi Sign Technology within Contract
Making a contract with more than 2 people at the same time.
You can share your contracts with 2 or more people at the same time. You can make multiple transactions.
Timed Money Transfer
Payment with Stable Cryptocurrency
Payment with Stable Cryptocurrency
Thanks to stable cryptocurrencies such as USDT, you can trade without mixing another currency.
Goods Control with Control Firms
Brand Representation

Loved From Customers

CopeTract has now created over 100+ successful contracts.


Wrote Smart Contract

Transfer 15s

CopeTract can be used from the phone via MetaMask.

“You can even send emails to contract and gather
all of the things you need in a single place.”

jurgen k. / Senior Marketing at Brator

“CopeTract - So Easy To Make. Awesome”

foden p. / Director at Ecoland Resort

“This app is seriously good. It’s simple, clean and
a real joy to use.”

Kerry T. / Designer at Teckzone Inc

Frequently Asked Question

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Smart contracts are self-executing programming codes that automatically transfer digital currencies or assets between two parties under predefined terms.

Copetract is a multifunctional smart contract system developed using web 3.0 and blockchain technologies. Using a simple user interface; the end user can shape the contract clauses in line with his/her request; as in sale contracts (contracts where money transfer is required), money transfer is provided easily and smoothly, the signed contract is kept securely and cannot be accessed by anyone without the consent of the parties; fixed issues with smart contracts; It is a platform where individuals and businesses can claim their (brand) rights.

Smart contracts have legal validity.

Transmissions via CopeTract are 100% secure thanks to blockchain technology.

Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we're able to attain
mutual understanding, gain customer trust to offer appropriate advice

Blocked money is kept in blockchain technology without any intermediaries. In this way, no one other than the parties in the smart contract can see the money and have no right to access it.

Stable Cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that acts in an indexed manner to the currently used currencies.

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent information sharing within a business network. A blockchain database stores data in blocks that are linked together on a chain. Data is chronologically consistent, as the chain cannot be deleted or modified without consensus on the network. In this way, it provides a high level of security.